Norelco Bodygroom Replacement Blades Available at Amazon

If you already have a Norelco Bodygroom, and your blade is not performing as before, don’t worry; you can find the replacement blades available at Amazon.  The price for these blades is $9.99, and just like the blade that comes with the original product it is easy to use and pop in.  If you want your blades to last longer, here’s a simple trick:  Wash them as always using water, and after finishing, pat them dry with a towel.

I have found this method to work like a charm with my blades.  Be sure also to make good use of the cleaning brushes that come with the shaver. 

Philips Norelco BG2022 Bodygroom, Limited Edition

Philips Norelco has launched the new version of the best-selling Bodygroom, the Philips Norelco BG2022 Bodygroom Limited Edition.

So, what’s new with this version of the product?  To tell you the truth, the only differences I have found between the Limited version and the Classic one, are the colors and the extra case that comes with the limited edition.

The new colors are all grey, which gives the Bodygroom a more “tech look”.  The case might come in handy if you travel a lot, it has enough space and slots to keep all your Bodygroom set nicely stored.

Shaving Down There, Does It Hurt?

Noawadays, many men are entering the World of pubic shaving, but still this is a topic that is not talked about in public, so well, there is a lot of misinformation.  Many people don’t have the luck of owning a Bodygroom, so they try different methods to get rid of pubic hair.  The preferred one? Shaving.

Shaving must be done with total care.  To start you will need to trim your pubic hair and then take a hot shower (to help hair com off easier).  After that, it is imperative that you remain patient and calm throughout your whole “session”.  The first few times it can be somewhat frustrating, but then it will become easier.  Remember, not to pass the blade more than 2 times on the same area, since it can easily irritate it.

Which Is better: Wet or Dry with the Norelco Bodygroom?

Since the Bodygroom has two options, there are many me that do not know how to proceed.  I say: whatever you feel comfortable with.  Personally, I like to use the Bodygroom dry, this is because I can’t stand when hair gets clogged up in the bathtub. 

There are people though that prefer wet shaving with a hot bath because along with a shaving cream or gel, it gives them a closer shave (since hair comes off easier when skin gets warm). This can be pretty important when shaving your family jewels, after all… you don’t want it to get itchy down there do you?

Try both, but if you use it for hair trimming, it is not recommended that you use it on wet hair.  Don’t forget to broom the floor after finishing!